Will Hill (born William Hill) is an Atlanta rapper with a sound reminiscent of California. Since the age of 17, Will has continued to evolve his work as an artist, driving most of his inspiration from his family. With exposure from Western and Southern culture by way of his mother, sister, and his frequent visits to the Bay Area to visit extended family, he has developed a deep appreciation for the sounds from both places. In his two most recent projects, Will expanded that influence even further by teaming up with producer Hollywood Cole—creating a fusion of sounds through three collaborative projects: 'Atlantafornia', 'Hollywood Hill' & 'Bring The Bottles In'.

Will continues to be one of the more respected artists in the Atlanta underground music scene. He prides himself in his ability to turn nothing into something—creating music for the ambitious. He has performed at A3C festivals as well as opened for artists such as A$AP Rocky, Young Thug, 24hrs, Translee, and more.