Rapper Will Hill was born in Chicago on February 19, 1993. At the age of six months, he was relocated with his mother and sister to Smyrna, GA. They were both instrumental in his musical upbringing -- hearing funk, jazz and soul from his mom while also listening to hip-hop/rap and R&B with his sister allowed for his musical interests to form. During summers and holidays, Will would spend them with his dad in Chicago and with his extended family in both Oakland and New York. Through his travels, this developed his diverse, cultural influence that is showcased throughout his music today.


Will’s affinity for creating a music career began at the age of 7, but in high school is where he homed in on his skills, and at 18, he released his first mixtape. Over the course of the next few years, Will continued to release music and gain traction performing alongside acts such as: Young Thug, JID, Earthgang, and more. More recently, Will has been making a name for himself by collaborating with Billboard-charting producer, Hollywood Cole. Their first two projects, “Atlantafornia” & “Hollywood Hill” were released in 2020 and were both received well. After over a year break, the duo resurfaced in May of 2021 and have since accumulated over 200,000 streams on their album ‘Bring The Bottles In’. As of January 2022, Will has released two new A1 Devin produced singles and has huge plans for the rest of the year and beyond.